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Jigsaw is a national network of 42 community organisations which together are working to stop child abuse, neglect and family violence in Aotearoa, New Zealand. These organisations include SHINE, Family Help Trust, Family Start, Christchurch Women's Refuge, and Taupo Therapy Centre to name but a few.

The role of Jigsaw is to support these organisations in the prevention of child abuse and in providing early intervention for high-risk families across New Zealand. They also provide services for the rehabilitation of those who have been affected by abuse. Jigsaw has an addition role in campaigning for change and advising government in policy making.

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"Ahekoa he iti he pounamu"
- Although it is small, it is precious

Why are we supporting Jigsaw?

As a community-based health professional I am aware of the issues that Jigsaw is striving to change. I have often read the stories about the vicitms of child abuse and felt frustrated and compelled to help in some way. We hope that our adventure can benefit the great work that Jigsaw do.

  • Introducing Dave & Clare

    Dave is from Oxfordshire, England and I am from Co. Armagh, Ireland (Ard Mhaca Abu!). We have lived in New Zealand (on and off) since 2005. We both love the great outdoors, which is fortunate, considering our latest undertaking involves being outdoors all day, every day. Dave is definitely the more adventurous one and loves to hike, dive, mountain bike, climb and snow board. He is irritatingly adept at most things he tries. I have done my fair share of running and hiking - the latter mainly in New Zealand. Most of our holidays involve a mini adventure like cycle touring or hiking, but this is by far the longest and most challenging hike we will have ever done. Eeek!